HDSB Welcome Centre

Read below to learn more about HDSB's Welcome Centre, the documents required for registration, and what happens when your family visits our offices. When you have all the necessary documents and are ready to register your student(s), you can request an appointment.

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Who comes to the Welcome Centre?

Students from Grade 1 to age 21 must register through the Welcome Centre if any of the foll​owing apply:

    • Entering from Ontario school system for the first time, and whose first language is not English (or is a variety of English)*​
    • Entering HDSB with an International Student Visa (or any visa including Visitor Visas)
    • Entering with a Work Permit or a Study Permit (student and/or parent/guardian holds the permit) ​
    • Entering HDSB with their Permanent Residence Status application in progress
    • Entering from a French language school in a French language school board (if first language is not English)​
    • Re-entering Ontario after an absence of a year or more (if first language is not English) ​
    • *where student is a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee Claimant

Effective April 1, 2019, the Welcome Centre will no longer register JK/SK students except where

    • The parent has a Work Permit AND is registering their first child in the family with HDSB
    • The parent/child has a Study Permit/Visa
    • The parent is a Permanent Resident applicant on visitor status​

What should we bring?

    • Students from Grade 1 to age 21 must register through the Welcome Centre if any of the foll​owing apply:
    • Proof of child’s age
    • Proof of address (two documents required)
    • Proof of child’s citizenship or immigration status
    • Education records
    • If you are not the child’s parent, or if you have sole custody, please bring proof of custody (court order)

What happens at the Welcome Centre?

    • Family interview to discuss your child’s school history, interests and goals
    • Meeting with our settlement team to assist with a smooth transition to school and life in Halton
    • Initial assessments of students’ English proficiency and mathematics skills
    • Credit equivalency recommendations (new to Ontario with Secondary School credits)
    • Registration of students to the appropriate school
    • Orientation to education in Ontario
    • Meeting to discuss results of assessments
    • Appointment arranged with the elementary and/or secondary school

How long is the appointment?

As appointments can take a few hours, please plan your day accordingly. You may wish to bring a snack/lunch and water bottle with you to the appointment.

    • Elementary students: 2-3 hours
    • Secondary students: 3-4 hours

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